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Ken has been designing and developing highly scalable web sites for education and business sectors for 15 years. In 1997, he launched bgnews.com, the Bowling Green State University web site for the student-run newspaper, The BG News. Ken has also worked on the print side of the newspaper industry providing hardware and software support as well as production management to several publications. This unique combination of experiences has allowed him to develop expertise in the unified development and management of print, web, and user-generated content. While not a journalist by training, Ken's experience has allowed him to teach print and web skills to future journalists.

While studying Digital Arts and Computer Science, Ken worked closely with the Student Affairs office at BGSU to consolidate and focus its online presence, boosting the office's ability to serve its students. He applied his teaching skills to faculty development and new media training at the Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology, a position that included course management support and technology research and development.

From 2005 to December 2010, Ken was the Gaming channel editor at Blogcritics.org, where he worked closely with site management, writers, game publishers and public relations firms. In addition to writing and hosting a podcast for the site, he spent time developing publication standards for the section and coaching writers.

Ken now runs Meancode Media, where he helps businesses plan and execute engaging apps and sites for desktop and mobile devices. Meancode Media specializes in Movable Type, WordPress and other Content Management Systems.

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